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EPISODE 6 CURRENT SHOW: We discuss and review our hands-on time with the Playstation Move.
Episode 6 Shownotes
EPISODE 5: When to upgrade your computer and when to invest in a new machine. How to easily transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer. A nasty issue effecting many Windows users lately.
Episode 5 Shownotes
EPISODE 5 Bloopers
EPISODE 4: Touchscreen phones that do not require an extra data plan fee. New PS3 and XBOX 360 Motion Controllers. Who should consider purchasing an iPad.
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EPISODE 4 Bloopers
EPISODE 3: Cool Tech for Kids- Computer Cool School; 3D HDTVs; Youtubing Your Videos.
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EPISODE 2: FaceBook Chat Question, iPad Questions and iPhones or Android Phones
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EPISODE 1: Speeding up your computer, Game Consoles, HDTVs, Free HDTV
Episode 1 Shownotes