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EPISODE 5 ShowNotes: Links and further info on what we discussed this week.

When to upgrade your computer and when to purchase a new machine:

Windows Users: The easiet way to find out the configuration of your computer is to download and install the free Belark Advisor (Click here). It will scan and list all of the hardware in your computer in one report, making it very easy to see what is inside your computer.

Mac Users: Choose About This Mac under the Apple Menu. Then choose More Info and you wil have access to all of your computers info.

Download this Excel form so that you can check off the specifications of your computer. If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer, there are free Office compatible suites for Windows and Mac.

Upgrading to a new computer:

Mac users, you hav it easy. As part of the setup process of booting you r new Mac for the first time it will ask you if you have a Mac currently and if so to connect to the new Mac via ethernet or FireWire. Select what you want to bring over from your old Mac and the rest is automatic.

Windows Users, you will need an external Hard Drive. If you do not have one, we recommend this drive: Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive (It can be used as a back-up drive after you are done transfering your data).

When Windows users should NOT click a Scan Comuter for Viruses, or Fix My Computer button: If you are surfing the Web and your Web browser pops up a Window telling you that your computer needs to be repaired or has a virus, immediately close that window (if other windows pops up, you will need to quit out of your Web browser). These are fake alerts that are trying to trick you into clicking them and installing ad-ware. spy-ware or viruses. It is a good idea to manually run your own virus software if this happens. Mac Users need not worry about such things.