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EPISODE 4 ShowNotes: Links and further info on what we discussed this week.

Touch Screen Phones: Want a Touch Screen Phone, but don't want to pay the extra $30-$60/month for a data plan?

As of now Sprint and subsidiaries (Nextel, etc.) are the only Mobile providers to offer Touch Screen phones without a data plan.

1. Just go to

2. Choose the plan you want, individual or family shared.

3. Choose your phone. Narrow the choices by selecting Touch Screen Phones.

4. One of the choices will be the Motorola i1 (best choice). There will also be less expensive, but far more limited Touch Screens from Samsung and LG.

PS3 MOVE. Motion Controllers for the PS3: True motion control for the Sony Playstion 3.

PlayStation 3 320GB System with PlayStation Move Bundle (if you do not yet have a PS3)

Playstation Move Starter Bundle (if you have a PS3 but not the camera)

PlayStation Move Controller (if you have a PS3 and the camera)

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller (if you have a PS3 and the camera)

XBOX 360 Kinect. Motion Control System for XBOX 360:

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect (if you do not yet have an XBOX 360)

Xbox 360 25GB Console with Kinect (if you do not yet have an XBOX 360)

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures! (if you have an XBOX 360)

Should you consider purchasing an iPad?: In November Apple will be releasing the iOS4 operating system update for the iPad. Included in this update is the ability to print over a wirelss network or to a Wireless printer. After this update is released the only impediment for some would be the lack of Flash support. I have not found this to be an issues as the most popular Flash Web sites have alternate non-Flash versions.

Search through the Apple App store (must have iTunes) for toddler and childrens games and educational Apps to see the high volume of options for your kids and you!