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EPISODE 1 ShowNotes: Links and further info on what we discussed this week.

Speeding Up Your Computer

Recomended Windows Utilities:
Fix-It Utilities Professional
Lavasoft Ad-Aware (free)
Spybot Search And Destroy (free)

Recomended Mac Utilties
Alsoft DiskWarrior
OnyX (free) Click HERE for OnyX settings

Check HERE for Mac specs by model and see how much RAM your Mac can handle
Check HERE your Windows PC by model and see how much RAM it can handle.

Game Consoles

Playstation 3 (PS3)
XBOX 360
Wii (white)
Wii (black)

For game ratings and scores


Additional HDTV Info
1080p VS. 720p: 720p is 1080x720 resolution. 1080P is 1920x1080 resolution. So the 1080p is a much higher resolution. Does this matter to you? If you are getting an HDTV under 40 inches, you would not be able to tell teh difference between 1080p and 720p, with one caveat; if you plan on connecting your computer to the screen you want to get the 1080p no matter what size HDTV you get. The 720p (1080x720) resolution is too low to make a useful computer monitor. If you are purchasing an HDTV over 40 inches you'll want to get a 1080p. When you get above 40" you will start to see the limitations of the 720p resolution.

Recommended HDTVs
32" LCD HDTV: Samsung 32" HDTV
40" LCD HDTV: Samsung 40" HDTV
40" LED HDTV: Samsung 40" HDTV
55" LED HDTV: Samsung 55" HDTV

Free HDTV over the air